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Electric Under Floor Heating Systems

Livella Heating Sydney provide an affordable range of energy efficient floor heating products, with simple thermostat ‘set & forget’ functionality.

Livella will install a floor heating system that is custom designed just for you and your requirements.

The feeling of electric floor heating can be likened to the effect of sunshine radiating through your window onto your floor surfaces.

Once you have experienced our award winning systems, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

All installations come with lifetime customer phone support should you have any queries operating your floor heating system.

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7 Reasons To Install A Livella Floor Heating System:

Safe Family Friendly Heating

Cleaner, healthier and more responsive heating systems, Livella builds its systems with your family in mind. Unlike traditional heating devices such as heaters, heat lamps or wall mounted panels that concentrate their heat in one area, Livella’s systems spread heat evenly at lower, more comfortable levels throughout your home.

Correct Temperature Profile

Livella’s heating systems are designed to deliver the right amount of heat to the right areas of your home. So stop wasting time and money on blowing heat around in circles and guarantee your home is always comfortable and just the right temperature by having a Livella heating system installed.

Warm Feet Equals Comfort

A warm and comfortable environment is important for your well-being. Heating your floors will not only make your home more relaxing and comfortable to be in, but also offers health benefits by heating your extremities. By keeping your feet warm, you heart won’t have to work as hard to pump blood throughout your body.

Waterproof Cables Safe in Wet Areas

Livella’s heating cables are waterproof, exceeding the requirements set by IPX7 so that they are safe for use throughout the entirety of the home including bathrooms, showers, kitchens and washrooms.

In the unlikely case of accidental damage, Livella’s heating system immediately disconnects power from the affected cables to guarantee your safety.

Good News For Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

Livella’s floor heating systems are the most asthma and allergy friendly systems available in the world today. The systems are designed to bypass air or the need for convective currents to warm areas and people evenly.

The unique cabling system delivers heat throughout the floor and avoids circulating dust particles, smoke and other allergens to enhance air quality in the home. People who suffer with hay fever, allergies or asthma will really be able to relax and benefit from a major improvement in air quality.

Totally Unobtrusive and Invisible

Livella’s floor heating cables can be installed underneath any floor surface and therefore safely out of reach from prying fingers. Apart from the attractive wall mounted thermostat controller you wouldn’t even know the system was installed.

The Right Heat For You

Livella Heating Sydney offer several different heating options, both onslab and inslab that are designed to deliver a similar heating experience. Discover your preferred choice by reading our onslab and inslab information pages or by contacting our expert design team who can help to advise your decision.

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