DIY Under Floor Heating Kits

Save Money With Simple To Install All-Inclusive DIY Under Floor Heating Kits

Installing a state-of-the-art floor heating system has never been easier thanks to Livella’s all inclusive installation kit.

Coupled with a heating element specific to your room, you or your appointed contractor will have everything on hand to get the job done.

What The Kits Include:

– Heating element
– Floor temperature sensor
– Element fixing cloth tape
– Construction crayon
– Installation monitor
– Free Phone Support

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Controller Options

You have the option of purchasing our Deluxe or Touch Screen controller with each kit, you also have the option of selecting no controller if you wish to supply your own.

Peace of Mind – Installation Monitor

Livella’s LU-MN1000 installation monitor gives you complete peace of mind during the fixing of floor coverings. Once the cables are fixed to the floor, the installation monitor, which is battery operated (batteries included), is simply attached and left on until the floor heating system is connected to power.

While attached, the installation monitor performs a range of tests to ensure that the heating cable is in perfect working order. In the unlikely event that a cable is damaged, the element monitor will sound an alarm so that a repair can be performed quickly and easily – all while your warranty remains intact.

On-going Phone Support

Rest assured that Livella will hold your hand through every step of the installation process. Whilst performing each step of the installation you have phone access to a Livella professional. Installation is simple and described in quite some depth in our installation video.

Cable Protection Option

Other floor heating companies will only validate your warranty if you’ve applied a cable embedment over your floor heating cables.

This is a very costly and time consuming process, only necessary because of their weak multi-stranded center cores and eagerness to make every cent they can out of you.

With Livella the LH-MS1000 cable protection option removes the additional effort, time and cost often not considered by the DIY professional. The mesh is only suitable under tiled floors and adds no height to the floor. The LH-MS1000 self-adhesive fibreglass mesh comes in 25 meter by 0.5 meter rolls and installs in minutes.

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