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Opportunity with Unique Support

With Livella’s design team’s assistance, installation support (phone and video) and ongoing phone support for the home owner – getting started, could not be easier! Contact Livella today to find out how other contractors and retail stores are adding significantly to their bottom lines. Should you wish to take advantage of this opportunity you can request a price-list and a promotional pack containing; a heated touch pad, mirror demister, promotional brochures and vehicle stickers.

Livella underfloor heating systems are installed only millimeters under tiles, timber and carpets, take only minutes to warm, allow for the heating of small rooms individually to conserve energy and share its smarts with a range of appliances to potentially negate the running cost of the floor heating.Furthermore, Livella’s unique cable construction means it can be installed 25% quicker, accidental damage can be located with our proprietary damage location equipment and repairs can be effected without voiding the manufacturer’s cable warranty. Livella heating cables have the widest range of certifications and approvals and can be installed in areas others cannot, for example; in showers and up stairs.