Mirror Demister

Clean, Mist-free Bathroom Mirrors

Mirror Demister Installation

Crystal Clear Mirrors with Livella’s Mirror Demisters

Livella Heating Sydney ensure your mirror’s are clean & crystal clear all the time. Livella uses slim line heating pads that adhere to the back of any mirror,  heating the mirror to between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius above the ambient room temperature.

This unique heating technology ensures that steam from a bath or shower won’t settle on the mirror surface leaving it clear and mist free.

As an added benefit, using one of Livella’s mirror demisters will reduce the time you spend wiping grime and dirt off your mirror surfaces.

For Every Shape and Size Mirror

Livella Heating Sydney offers two peel-and-stick sizes of mirror demister adhesive pads. For larger mirrors, two or more of these can be applied and will provide adequate heating to keep the mirror crystal clear. Depending on quality, Livella are able to offer some custom mirror demister pads. Simply contact us for more information.

Simple & Easy Installation

Simply peel-and-stick the demister pad to the back of the mirror surface. Have an electrician connect the demister to an isolation switch and fit the mirror to any wall surface as usual.

Mirror Demister Sizing

Local Compliance and Design

Livella Heating Sydney has manufactured its mirror demister systems to suit Sydney’s unique conditions, and certifications.