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Flexible, Easy-to-Install Underfloor Heating Product

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Livella is proud to feature the first and only Australasian designed, engineered and made underfloor heating system. As such, you can rest assured that you are dealing with an expert team dedicated to delivering the finest products on the market, suited specifically to local requirements. Take for example Livella’s engineered and manufactured LU-AP3000 Deluxe Thermostat. This thermostat was developed to combat increasing electricity tariffs. Connect energy hungry appliances to its second independently controlled output to achieve significant energy savings. These savings are often enough to pay for the running of your floor heating year round and pay you back more each year.

Finally, Underfloor Heating Done Right

Livella overcomes the drawbacks of all fixed length and fixed form surface heating with a variable power heating element complete control over the design process ensuring that the right amount of heat is delivered across the entire floor and managed in the most energy efficient way possible. This is, quite simply, radiant heating done right.

  • Always 100% Floor Coverage
  • Heat Stairs and Showers
  • Single Product for all Floor Coverings
  • Highly Configurable Thermostat
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Use Single Element for Multiple Rooms
  • Make Use of In Slab or On Slab System
  • Heat Under Multiple Coverings with a Single Element

Livella floor heating systems are designed to suit any floor substrate and floor covering. They are tailored to suit Australian and New Zealand climatic conditions and feature easy-to-install characteristics like; heating elements are pre-terminated for speedy installations, 15Watts per linear meter (on slab) and 35Watts per linear meter (in slab) means they install up to 25% faster than other free form heating elements, unlike floor heating mats Livella Heating systems guarantee 100% floor coverage with even heat across the floor and can be installed in wet rooms. Learn about Livella’s ability to cluster heating cables and save hundreds in material cost.

Livella makes is easy to install a luxury floor heating system in only minutes. Best of all, the single superbly engineered product is installed in the same way in any room and is perfect for all floor coverings.