On slab Floor Heating

onslab floor heating solutions, responsive, cost effective and versatile

Onslab Heating Solutions

Onslab heating cables can be installed in new or existing homes, our onslab heating cables are only three millimetre thick and can be laid under any floor surface or substrate. Livella onslab cables offer the highest quality and will work to heat even difficult surfaces like stand alone showers or staircases.

Quick Warming

With Livella’s onslab heating solution you have complete control of your floor heating system, with its unique programming options that allow you to set your heating system to turn on and off throughout the day. With quick heating and cooling options, our heating systems can be set to operate only when and where they are needed and are able to be installed directly under any floor surface.

Enjoy 100% Heating Luxury Throughout Your Home

Guarantee uninterrupted luxury by ensuring you choose Livella’s custom built free-form floor heating system. Livella systems guarantee 100% coverage, meaning you won’t be stuck with cold zones on your floors.

“Livella systems are the preferred choice of building professionals, interior design professionals and discerning homeowners across Australia.”


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Quick & Easy Design and Quotation

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