In slab Floor heating

Inslab floor heating: economical for large areas at off-peak rates

Inslab Floor Heating Applications

The most fantastic and economical choice for heating large areas. Livella’s inslab floor heating system is designed to heat large areas for extended periods of time. Able to be used across a variety of applications, from background domestic heat to commercial platforms and even in driveways or roads near the home.

The Easiest Way to Keep Your Slab Floors Heated

The heat is generated by cables located between 35mm and 75mm under the floor surface and heated during off-peak hours. The heat is stored in the concrete slab, and distributed slowly through the floor over the course of the day. Divided across different rooms, or open spaces throughout the house, inslab heating is a pleasant background heat source that delivers an even comfortable heat throughout the home.

Heating Polished Concrete Floors

An in-slab heating solution is the best option for polished concrete floors and large-scale commercial developments. Following the laying of the heating cables, concrete can be poured according to the manufacturer’s written specifications, and the floor can be covered, rendered and polished with no need to worry about it affecting the heating system below.

Hydronic vs Electric Floor Heating Systems

There is a belief that hydronic floor heating systems are cheaper to operate. This is not the case. Hydronic floor heating systems have a number of hidden costs. Electric floor heating systems once installed do NOT require maintenance or third party products to function, making them a much more cost effective solution. We recommend familiarizing yourself with hydronic heating technologies prior to making your decision.

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