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all-in-one: set and forget or manually operate


Integrating both programmable and manual functions, Livella Sydney offers its customers the unique all-in-one deluxe thermostat with air and floor sensing capabilities, as well as a first-in-class appliance manager.

Using Livella’s stylish all-in-one management system to control appliances, can also save you hundreds of dollars in operating costs. For example, connect and control your towel warmer independently and expect to reduce your energy bills by $165 dollars annually. Typically enough to offset your bathroom floor heating costs.

With its simple programming and flexibility, its easy to see why customers are choosing to switch their existing thermostats to Livella’s LU-AP3000 controller.

On-Going Phone & Video Support

Livella understand that you may initially require assistance setting up your floor heating system. We will help with all your programming queries and questions. Simpy call our support contact number.

Alternatively you can watch our online video demonstrating how to setup the LU-AP3000 controller or download the instructions.