Introducing Livella’s AP5000 Premium Controller

Livella are proud to be recognized as the industry’s innovators – introducing the world’s most sophisticated and easy-to-use underfloor heating thermostat, the AP5000. Not only does the AP5000 do everything the AP3000 can do it also has some fantastic new features which improve its usability, aesthetic and some features other controllers wish they had.

Thermostat Features

Below is the AP5000’s extensive feature list. Each feature is explained in more detail below:

Feature List:

– Full Colour Touch Screen
– Natural Language Programming
– Weekday & Weekend Programmable Schedules
– Two Temperature Pairs per Schedule (2 x on and off times)
– Air & Floor Sensing Capabilities
– Optional Appliance Manager
– Optional Manual Mode
– Horizontal & Vertical Mounting Suitable (rotatable)
– Tested for Compliance
– Retrofit to Replace Other Thermostats (3k, 5k, 10k(o), 10k(a), 15k, 100k floor temperature sensors)

The AP5000 is supplied with:

– Floor Temperature Sensor
– Installation & Operating Instructions
– Ongoing Phone Support
– Interchangeable Face Plates

Full colour touch screen:

The AP5000 comes with a large full colour touch screen. This new technology was implemented to move in the same direction as most high-end products in their respective markets. Furthermore the added flexibility with the larger screen space and use of a full colour screen makes programming more intuitive.


Electricians are accustomed to preparing sites for either horizontal or vertical thermostats. With Livella’s new AP5000 thermostat the screen can be changed to cater for both orientations in three simple steps. This simplifies ordering and is in-line with Livella’s focus of giving customers complete control over the functionality of their system.

Natural Language Programming:

Not only does the thermostat make use of a simple hierarchy in the programming but it also makes use of natural language.

Appliance Manager

Uniquely, Livella’s all-in-one deluxe thermostat integrates programmable and manual functions, air and floor sensing capabilities as well as the world-first appliance manager.

Managing appliances from Livella’s stylish thermostat can also save hundreds of dollars in running costs. Connect and independently manage a towel warmer, for example, and expect to reduce your energy bills by about $165 dollars a year. That is typically more than enough to offset your bathroom floor heating operating costs so you can enjoy your bathroom heating for free and you will have the only floor heating system worldwide that pays for itself in ongoing energy savings.


Each Livella AP5000 comes with three interchangeable faceplates. This allows the customer to select onsite the faceplate which is most appropriate with the home’s décor.


All Livella’s products are certified against the appropriate Standards. The AP5000 has been tested for compliance against the relevant standard being IEC60730.

Ongoing Programming:

Livella do not expect every home owner to be knowledgeable about the running of their floor heating system. In fact Livella have a service support number for you to call for assistance in programming your floor heating system. Alternatively we will have an online video demonstration available soon. Or the customer may wish to download a copy of the operating instructions for the AP5000 floor heating controller.

AP3000 and AP5000 Comparison: Controller Features

Livella manufacture two controller options. These include the AP3000 Deluxe and the AP5000 Premium.

Click to view a feature comparison.

Download AP5000 Brochure/Instructions